ICG has implemented a robust corporate governance framework to ensure integrity and efficiency in the way we service the interest of our investors.

Fund Trustee

Infrastructure Specialist Asset Management Ltd (ISAM) is the Trustee for the three funds managed by ICG, being the Energy Infrastructure Trust, Diversified Infrastructure Trust, and the Australian Renewables Income Fund. ISAM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infrastructure Capital Holdings Pty Ltd. ICG acts under an Investment Management Agreement with the Trustee.


Role and responsibility of the Trustee

In carrying out its duties, the Trustee recognises its overriding responsibility to act honestly, fairly and diligently in serving the interest of investors. The Trustee plays an active role in the activities of the Funds, bringing significant commercial, financial and legal experience and knowledge to its role while providing a robust independent governance overlay and monitoring ICG compliance with its obligations under each Investment Management Agreement.

The Trustee monitors each Funds’ adherence with its respective compliance plan and any relevant statutory and prudential obligations. In addition, the Trustee oversees the Fund’s administrative and reporting functions so that they are conducted properly and efficiently. The Trustee reviews and approves the annual audited financial statements for the Funds and reviews the valuer reports from the independent valuation experts.

ISAM Board of Directors

The ISAM Board has three independent directors in addition to the two executive directors

Garry Cameron

Independent Director and Chair

Peggy O’Neil

Independent Director

Tom Laidlaw

Managing Director

Andrew Pickering

Chief Investment Officer

Investors Advisory Committees

Another key element of ICG’s corporate governance framework is the Investors Advisory Committees. Each Fund has an advisory committee that provides a forum for ICG to seek feedback from investors on ICG’s general management of the funds, to provide guidance on certain issues and also to provide feedback where necessary on investment policies, mandate compliance and portfolio construction. Each of the committees comprises representatives of the largest unitholders of each fund and at least one independent director of the trustee.

Group policies and procedures

ICG has a set of group policies and procedures which all staff have to comply with to ensure its services are carried out to the highest standard for the ultimate benefit of investors. Policies are continuously reviewed and updated as required.

A compliance monitoring framework is in place and staff undergo periodical training to ensure they are up to date with the latest policy standards.